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Accounting and Auditing

Why Accounting and Auditing Master Program at Bilgi?

Turkey’s experience of a dynamic period in terms of foreign direct investments in the last 10 years resulted in a fast transformation in the fields of accounting and auditing at most. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), International Auditing and Valuation Standards and the new Turkish Commercial Code have been revolutionizing conventional accounting approaches to date.

On the other hand, reporting, which is one of the fundemantals of accounting, is no longer an internal process for companies. Through the diversification of the ownership structure of companies and overseas operations, reportings for varied bodies have significantly changed and diversified. The single way for adapting to the new era is certainly to have an education which will allow you to be able to catch academic background and international vision in these fields.

By taking a master degree in the field of Accounting and Auditing;

You build a brilliant career in auditing sector
You obtain the qualifications preferred by international auditing firms.
If you already work in the sector, you take new opportunities for your career by diversifying your background in alternative professional fields.

You can work as a manager in finance, accounting and reporting departments of the companies
You can manage and direct all accounting and reporting processes in the company you work for with a comprehensive knowledge in all fields of accounting and reporting.

You can give a proper start to your academic career
If you plan an academic career in this field, you can make a good start by participating in a comprehensive master program in your first step.

You become more competent in the way of openning your own accounting and auditing advisory office
If you aim to open your own accounting office, you can provide consultancy services with your comprehensive knowledge in theoric and practical background of the accounting.


Some aspects differentiating Bilgi Accounting and Auditing Master Program,

  • This program gives an opportunity to its participants to have an education together with professionals from the sector and to share their knowledge
  • Qualified professionals of their fields from the Ministry of Finance and international auditing firms give the lectures those requiring special proficiency and practice
  • The program provides a wide range of elective courses and the ability of career orientation for students those aiming to specialize in alternative fields.
  • The program has been designed for not just accounting and auditig professionals and also for students those are in need of gaining the ability of financial reporting and the ability of analysing the financial reports


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    Furkan SüzerGraduated in 2012

    Arkan&Ergin YMM A.Ş. – Assistant Auditor While I was working for a non-institutional company before I joint the program, now, I work for one the leading auditing firms thanks to contributions of people from my school environment. Besides the quality of education, enjoying the Santral Istanbul, which is one of the loveliest campuses in Istanbul in my opinion, is also a joyful and entertaining experience.

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    Erman KaplanGraduated in 2010

    Ant Denetim & Danışmanlık - Independent Accountant and Financial Advisor The main feature of this program differentiating it from the others is that its teaching members are the best ones in their fields in Turkey. They will, anyway, help you during the program; however, I keep in touch with some teachers after I graduated so as it is the most important matter, I think.